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Fee and How to Pay

All our IDs are $60 each, plus one dupe. Shipping & a duplicate are included in our fee. There is NO Extra cost involved. Express Service will be extra $20 per order (Get it in a week). You can select the payment method in the order form and we will email you the payment information.

Step 1) Submit an order with us, select western union/bitcoin payment at the end of the order form.

Step 2) Wait for our email for the payment instruction.

  • Bitcoin

Pay with Bitcoin with no Risk. It’s the easiest payment method you’ve ever experienced.

You can learn more about bitcoin at

You can also get bitcoin infor from

  • Western Union (Only for payment above $250)

Use the Western Union locator to find the closest Western Union Store near you.

Price Per IDs

  • Shipping Fee & Duplicate Included

Price Per IDs( Group Order above 3 IDs)

  • Shipping Fee & Duplicate Included

For further more question, Please contact our customer services at [email protected]