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Why we call X21IDs? This is because X mean Not, Not 21 IDs. You need to be age 21 to be allow entering places like club, bar, strip club even some concerts. That the reason why we come into this picture. We only make the IDs for you to be age 21. It is solely for entertainment purpose.

Someone call it as fake Ids or novelty IDs, but it doesn’t really matter. We just want to make you to be age 21.  In this industry there is a lot company is doing fake ids/ novelty IDs, we also knew that a lot peoples get scam by paying and not getting their products. This is one of the reason why we exists. We stand on our product quality. We design our IDs based on an actual IDs. It had all the security feature as it should be e.g. UV printing, perforated, magstrip with your information and hologram.

We are not manufacturing in the US so it will be safe for you to buy fake IDs from us. We have a reasonable price so that most of clients can afford our products. Our shipping periods is about 14 days from the day payment is make. If you want to be 21, we are here to help you out! If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact our customer services – [email protected]